Project development

We develop ideas.

Herz und Heller will turn your idea into a project, with a focus on actual application. We structure your research and development project and find the right partners for you.

Right from the beginning we have our minds on funding and financing strategies, so that you can claim your maximum subsidy. In doing so, we cooperate with partners from our network – with tax advisors, banks, research facilities and industry.

A successful set-up saves you trouble later on – Herz und Heller will also be by your side as your project becomes reality: as an external project manager for content-related progress and any ongoing reporting. We monitor project progression and expense development at regular intervals, we document deviations and create interim and final reports.

Our steps:

Formulating idea(s)

  • Which question addresses your idea?
  • What is included?
  • Which scenarios are already realistic?

Developing target vision(s)

  • What do you want to achieve, and when?
  • What do your (sub)goals have to accomplish?
  • What are the most important tools for realisation?

Developing a project plan

  • Which measures and resources are needed?
  • Who is responsible for the implementation?
  • When will the results be available?

Project control

  • Is your project still going to plan?
  • Which additional questions have arisen?
  • What should be done?