Research premium

We make the most of potential.

Legally compliant use of the research premium raises many questions: How long prototypes are eligible for funding? What happens with research cooperation between associated companies? What happens if I receive a research assignment from abroad? How do I calculate my overheads correctly?

Herz und Heller analyses your research and development expenses with the aim of optimally making the most of your research premium. We structure your R&D areas, taking into account plans over several years, and we formulate research premium applications from these. We also advise you on the calculation of the cost assessment basis. If desired, we can help you develop the required technical and resource-related documentation.

Our steps:

Structuring research focuses

  • Which research and development activities were implemented?
  • How can these be best bundled to thematic focus areas?

Formulating applications

  • Which targets were set in your R&D activities and which of these are innovative?
  • Which methodical concepts were implemented and what were the technical risks?

Calculating assessment basis

  • Which costs lie behind the R&D expenses?
  • How do you calculate your overheads?
  • Has anything been overlooked?

Organising documentation

  • How should a feasible expenditure documentation look?
  • Have your employees’ R&D hours been adequately recorded?